Next Season at Raumati Bowling Club

Winners Franks Cup 2022 John Mcbeth & Heather Simpson
Winners Franks Cup 2022 John Mcbeth & Heather Simpson

As you’re all aware, I will be stepping down as President at the upcoming Annual General Meeting which will be held on Saturday 24th June.. 

Some fresh ideas and enthusiasm are now required to maintain the club’s impressive momentum. 

As is the case with most clubs, an energetic group of Raumati BC members shoulder much of the load of running the club to the satisfaction of all, or at least most, of us. Some of those members are taking some time out, so there is a wonderful opportunity for others to become more closely involved.  

We are seeking people who would be keen to get close to the action. Many of you have what it takes, so don’t be shy even if you’re a relative newcomer to the club. 

  • We’re seeking nominations for the Executive team. It sounds onerous but it’s what you make of it. 
  • We require a Treasurer. 
  • Some of the Match Committee team are stepping back but they’ll show you the ropes. It’s very rewarding to be a part of this team. 
  • Are you interested in assisting with the Summer or Winter Galas, the Bar, Maintenance, Social activities or Sponsorship? Would you like to become a qualified coach or umpire? 

No matter how much or little you think you can contribute, we’d love you to get involved and help make 2023-24 another superb one for The Home of the Blues! 

Thank you, President John 

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