Trophy Winners 2013-14 

Men’s Novice Singles Rob Nicholson
Men’s Colts Bill Ward
 Women’s Junior Singles Janet Wills
 Men’s Junior Singles Dennis Wills
 Women’s Champion Singles Tere Boag
 Men’s Champion Singles Steve Sargent
 Mixed Champion Pairs George Roberts, Pat Taylor
 Women’s Champion Pairs Glenys Ward & Janet Wills
 Men’s Champion PairsCliff Thomas & Steve Sargent
 Women’s Champion Triples Glenys Ward (s), Rosemary Renwick and Janet Wills
 Men’s Champion Triples Arnold Osborne, Chris Cobb & Bill Ward
 Women’s Champion Fours Tere Boag, Amanda Carides, Pam Harrison & Sherrell Nicoll
 Men’s Champion Fours Brian Gray, Dennis Wills, Chris Cobb, Keith Williamson
 Women’s Handicap Singles Tray Janet Wills
 Womens Handicap Singles Plate Terema Boag
 Men’s Handicap Singles 
 Franks Cup Mixed Pairs 2x4x2 Cliff Thomas, Sue McFarlane
 Hudson Buttons 
 Wyn Quinton Mixed Kate Cunningham (s) Ted Marshall, Brian Nicoll & Charles Agate
Jennie Willis TrophyGeorge Roberts & Barbara Ashton
 Bob Donaldson Cup 
 Johnny Walker Cup George Roberts, Barbara Ashton
 Men’s Club Pairs 
 Johnny Simpson Winter Cup Roger Mathews, Noeleen Smith
 Hyder Cup Men
 Women’s Instone Aggregate Pauline Laird(S), Jean Bulleyment(3),Lenor Kwok(2), Barbara Ashton(L)
 Men’s Instone AggregateRuss Wilkins(S), Dennis Wills(3), Ken Batts(2), Charles Agate(L)
 Club Member of the Year Dennis Wills