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Information for New Members

How can I get information about the Club?

There is a Contact Form on this page which you can complete and our Club Secretary will contact you. The information given will include how you can be integrated into the life of the Club.

How can I get information about Coaching

There is a Contact Form on this page which you can complete and our Club Coach will contact you.

It is important that your bowling experience begins with a coaching session because this will ensure that you will start without developing bad habits.

Coaching is normally arranged for a Friday afternoon but coaching  is not restricted to this day and time.  It can be arranged to suit the new member as far as possible.

Can I try the game out before I join the Club?

Of course you can.  The first sessions with the coach will be an introduction to the game and you will get an opportunity to try using a Club set of bowls.

Subscriptions for first year players are lower than the normal Club membership fee.

Are there any special events for new players?

New players are encouraged to join in the normal Wednesday Afternoon events once they have mastered the rudiments of the game.  However there are Novice and Junior player events which cater for new and near new members.

Are there any special fitness exercises for bowlers?

New players are encouraged to Keep fit and healthy.  Some good advice is included in the attached videos

Video No. 1 Click here 
Video No. 2 Click Here
Video No.3 Click Here
Video No. 4 Click Here

Contact the Coach

Do I need to purchase a Club Uniform?

There is no need to buy any special clothing in your early days of learning to play bowls.  In fact all the coaching and most club days are in mufti.

However it is important to have the correct shoes so as not to damage our playing surfaces,  Smooth soled shoes are required.

Do I need to purchase my own set of Bowls?

Initially the Club Coach will introduce you to a set of Club bowls that he considers will suit your hand size and strength.  You practice with these bowls until you reach a skill level where you may consider buying a set of your own. Use of club bowls can extend for a few months.

New bowlers are never encouraged to buy a set of bowls until they reach a skill level where they could make a valued judgement.

Our junior players 2020. Many are first year players.

There are many videos explaining how to play bowls but it must be stressed that personal coaching is always the best way to learn to play bowls.

Use Our Coach!!