Tiger Turf Triples 2023

Our annual New Year event, the TigerTurf Triples, was held under a new format which proved very successful.

Every end won was worth a point whether a team won, lost or drew a game. A win was rewarded with 7 points, and a win by 7 or more shots produced a bonus point. A team which lost a game by 3 or fewer shots, also got a bonus point. It was our aim to avoid a final, rather have every team play 8 matches over the two days in the hope of scoring enough points to get in the money.

The overall winning team was from Naenae BC- Anne Gately, Jenny Sellar and Karen Ewart.

Second was Edgar Blanche, Leighton Wilding and Sue Critchlow of Silverstream BC while a host combination- Gerry Welply, John McBeth and Heather Simpson- was third.

Photos show the winners from left Karen, Anne and Jenny

And John McBeth, Heather Simpson, Gerry Welply and presenter, Mike Harvey

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