Our Greens

Our main Green (Barlow Green) has a Tiger Turf surface

Our second green has a sand filled artificial surface and is awaiting refurbishment.

More about our Greens

Our No 1 green (Barlow Green)  is a TigerTurf artificial surface which is rated as one of the best artificial greens in our Centre. It has been favourably commented on by both our club and visiting players alike.

Our No 2 Green is a sand filled artificial green which is scheduled for replacement later in 2019 or early 2020 with a carpet similar to that on Green 1. In the meantime it serves a useful purpose of being used by visiting groups who only wish to have a go at playing bowls. 

Barlow Green

These photographs show the Barlow Green which has been named after Bob and Noeline Barlow in recognition of their support to the Club over many years. The following photographs show the stages of converting the green from a sand filled artificial surface to a modern Tiger Turf surface.