This is a story of how Harry met Kathy.

Kathy, from Wanganui, New Zealand and Harry, from Dundee, Scotland had both been living in Canada for around 40 years. Sadly, they each lost their partners, became widowed and life became rather lonely.

Harry Meechan’s daughter decided to buy a house with the intention of getting her father to move in with her and her family. Harry’s daughter was impressed with the Real Estate Agent she was dealing with and from whom she finally purchased a house. The two of them became firm friends. The agent was Kathy Edney.

Obviously, Harry would meet his daughter’s friend at some stage and when he did it wasn’t long before they realised, they had quite a bit in common- particularly the All Blacks! Whenever there was a rugby match being televised the new friends would meet to watch it, even though Harry faced a five-hour drive to the town in which Kathy resided!

Even the most ardent fan realises there’s more to life than rugby and Harry and Kathy eventually developed a loving relationship which was put to the test when Kathy began to plan her retirement to New Zealand. It had always been her intention to return, particularly as her mother was still living in Levin. Harry was an enthusiastic supporter of Kathy’s plan and so they moved to New Zealand- Kathy came home and Harry moved even further away from Dundee!

So how did they become members of the Raumati Bowling Club? Harry’s sister is a bowler in Canada and constantly urged him to play. When they arrived in New Zealand, they both sampled the sport and, at the urging of club member, Frances Burgess, they joined here last year.

Harry’s brother and sister are both visiting during the summer and we’ll no doubt meet them. They in turn will find out first-hand that Harry and Kathy LOVE BOWLS!  

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